3 Reasons That Sex With A Cougar Will Blow Your Mind

There’s a reason why cougars are the most in-demand type of woman in the world right now. More so than ever, guys of all ages are discovering the ultimate satisfaction that being with an older woman can bring. In the past, guys both old and young focused their attention on younger girls because society has us believing that youth is the sexiest thing out there. Unfortunately, as most men have come to realize, youth is incredibly overrated – especially when it comes to sex.

Want to know why sex with a cougar is a much more fulfilling experience? Well, here’s the short answer:

Cougars have less future expectations 

If you’ve ever tried to hook up with a twenty-something year old and then found yourself being harassed by her day and night to see her again, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Cougars are much more relaxed when it comes to hooking up and nothing else. If she wants a relationship, she’ll let you know beforehand. She won’t be texting you every hour for the next two weeks asking what’s going on between you two. A lot of younger women use sex as leverage to relationships and future prospects, whereas cougars will tell you straight up what they’re looking for. Because older women are much more independent, they don’t have time for the immature mind games which a lot of younger girls play.

She will take charge

Cougars don’t have time to mess around. They usually jobs, responsibilities and families to look after. If something isn’t working for her in the bedroom, she won’t hesitate to be vocal about it. Older women are much more assertive in the bedroom because they’ve accumulated years of experience. They know what works for them and what doesn’t. They’ve been exploring their sexuality for twenty plus years, so they’re pretty knowledgeable in the art of sexual satisfaction

By the same token, they also know what works for you. Cougars are happy to let you lie back while show you what heaven really feels like. While younger girls are busy sexting nude photos and taking selfies, older women are putting their practical knowledge to good use! When you hook up with a cougars, you can be sure you’ll get through more positions than a hot yoga class.

They understand the importance of sex

Sex is an incredibly important part of life. When we’re younger, sex is seen as something you need to do because everyone else is doing it. We see it as huge hurdle which needs to be overcome.

But older women don’t see sex in the same way. Because they’re more mature, they’ve already refined what’s important to them in life. Therefore, if she’s still searching for sex then it’s clearly an important factor to her. Our forties and fifties are usually considered the happiest times of our life because we’ve discovered what makes us happy, and in the case of most cougars out there, sex is always on the list.

Therefore, when you hook up with a cougar, you know she’s genuinely doing it because she enjoys it. It isn’t something she’s just trying to tick off her list.

Of course, there’s countless more reasons why cougars are the most attractive type of lady out there, but there’s only one way to truly find out: go and experience them for yourself!

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