3.) China – Chengdu J-20

The Chengdu J-20 is China’s latest stealth fighter plane. It was created to be better than other fifth-generation fighter planes, like the US F-22 Raptor and Russian PAK-FA. There is a popular theory, that creation of the J-20 was aided by the Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG. Low-rate original creation of this sneaky aircraft began in 2015. The first functional J-20 stealthy fighters arrived at the Chinese air force in 2016. Within the past ten years, China has turned to a clearer path of action with its military programs. However, though, there are only a tiny bit of available details on this fighter.

2.) U.S. – Lockheed Martin F-35

    The F-35, which otherwise known as the Lightning II, is the latest multi-role fighter. One of its variations, the F-35B earned its first operational capability with the US Marine Corps back in 2015. The F-35 was built under a Joint Strike Fighter program, which was created to put in the place of current types of aircraft with a resemblant fighter. Soon the F-35 will take the place of the AV-8B, A-10, F-16 and F/A-18 warplanes in service with the US military. Also, it will be sent out to a number of countries.  This multi-role fighter is able to function on air defense missions, tactical bombing and close air support. It is built with the ability to work with the latest air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles. The F-35 is composed of three main variations, which include the F-35A conventional take-off and landing aircraft, F-35B short take-off and vertical landing aircraft, and F-35C carrier-based aircraft. These variations share about 80% of their parts to keep development and production costs low. And finally, it calls for less logistic support.

1.) Russia

Russia’s Su-35 multi-role fighter is a better developed version of the Su-27. It is next up for export in place of the Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters. In 2012, it was adopted by the Russian Air Force. Developers often categorize the Su-35 as 4++ generation fighter. It is a very quick and easily controllable fighter with very wide range, high-altitude capability, and heavy armament. It creates a grand threat to Western 4+ generation fighter planes. The Su-35 is mainly an air superiority fighter, but it has a secondary air-to-ground capability. This aircraft is able to carry many weapons. It contains 12 wing and fuselage hardpoints and can carry ordnance with a maximum weight of up to 8,000 kilograms. Its big and powerful engines make it able to supercruise for a long amount of time. Along with this, its engines let the plane reach supersonic speeds without having to use an afterburner. Engines have a three-dimensional thrust vectoring that make the aircraft very easily operable. But, Russia falls behind in the construction, acquisition, and employment of some of the newest technologies. A short time ago, a new Sukhoi PAK FA stealthy air superiority fighter was last seen in development in Russia. The first functional aircraft could very well be delivered to the Russian air force somewhere between 2017-2018.

Learn more about the countries with the most fighter jets by watching the video below!

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