1 Secret to Keep a Fuckbuddy (Especially if you’re a nerd like me)


Fuckbuddy relationships are ideal for people who're bored with conventional long-term relationships. They're for people who don't want to spend time getting to know someone and building a relationship, and for those who just want to enjoy being single. Traditional dating is great when you're looking for the love for the rest of your life, but for some, that's not what they need at the moment.

Some people just need to explore and be independent, while not sacrificing sex - that's where fuckbuddies come in. Having a fuckbuddy allows you to be an individual and lets you do you while casually enjoying the company of another person. It's human nature to crave sex, and even meet and fuck tonight - and just because you're single doesn't mean you can't have it. In fact, in a fuckbuddy relationship, you could even continue to have sex with other people. Of course, all the details should be talked out with whoever your fuckbuddy is, but for the most part, it's a casual relationship where no one belongs to another and are free to do as they please while having occasional sex with each other. Having a fuckbuddy can be beneficial for you, too, and not just sexually. By allowing yourself to meet and fuck different people, you get to know what you like and what you want your next serious partner to have in terms of qualities. Sometimes you might even meet them while you're still having fun with your fuckbuddy. This commonly happens in fuckbuddy relationships, where one person meets someone else they really like and want to be in a committed relationship with, so they stop hooking up with their fuckbuddy. While this is the ideal situation, lots of fuckbuddy relationships end for other reasons. The worst of all, being that someone caught feelings while the other person didn't. It's one of the most common and definite ways that fuckbuddy situations end. If you catch feelings for your fuckbuddy, or they catch feelings for you, you can bet that it's not going to go well if the other doesn't feel the same. Catching feelings can turn a great, casual, and fun relationship to awkward tensions, and eventually, you'll have to break it off. Losing a fuckbuddy is almost as bad as breaking up with your girlfriend. Once you've found that perfect one who enjoys the same things you do in bed and is willing to only have sex, no questions asked, it's pretty hard to replace that. Many people still look down upon casual sex and will find your request disgusting. More and more people today seem to be interested in settling down with a significant other and not fucking around, so to speak. To avoid losing your fuckbuddy and keeping the relationship strong and kicking for as long as possible, there is one thing you both need to have to make it last.

You Each Need to Have Eachother's Fatal Flaw

Otherwise known as a "relationship deal-breaker," a fatal flaw is a characteristic you or your fuckbuddy shares that would make them never want to have a serious relationship with you, and more importantly, never catch deep feelings for you. It's the only way of being sure that neither of you develop any feelings for one or the other, and that your fuckbuddy relationship doesn't end prematurely. While you may already know that you don't want a relationship, it's still important to seek out someone who has one quality you strongly dislike so that you never take the chance. But honestly, it's even more important for you to have her fatal flaw in a man. Men are more likely not to catch feelings, especially if you're seeing other people, but some women still might. The only way a woman won't consider you as a boyfriend is if you have a quality about yourself that is non-negotiable to her that ends any idea of being in a relationship with you. Religion is always a good deal-breaker. If she's of faith and you're not, that could be an issue. Similarly, if you hold some ideas about marriage or children that contrast with hers, she probably won't see herself seriously dating you. Your "fatal flaw" could even be as simple as she doesn't like the way you dress. Some girls are picky and have high standards for who they want to make their boyfriend, and if you don't meet her standards, she won't want to date you. You shouldn't take any offense, though. It just means you're not fit for her, but as long as you remain fuckbuddies that should be no issue to you. The point of the fatal flaw trick is so that you both have an anchor set down in the relationship so your feelings never set sail and make you wonder what it'd be like to be their boyfriend/girlfriend. When you share a fatal flaw with each other, none of you will have the idea of being together cross your minds for more than a second, and any little feelings won't have the chance to ruin your situation because they won't hold any merit. Extra tip: Actually like each other, but give them space. Another great way to make sure your fuckbuddy relationship lasts is to actually enjoy each other's company when you're together. Even though you're not dating, you still need to make sure that there is chemistry, sexual or otherwise, between you two. If she gets bored of you or you easily annoy each other when you're not having sex, things could end quicker than you'd hoped for. But at the same time, if you like each other enough and have great sex, you could want to see her a lot. However, this is not ideal and bordering relationship zone. If you're over at hers, or she's over at yours, for more than twice a week, it could feel like you're exclusive. If you add in sleeping over to the mix, you're getting ahead of yourself. Spacing out your hookups is beneficial because it allows you to do your own thing throughout the week and potentially meet other people. Plus, you won't feel like you're seeing too much of each other and possibly get sick of one another.

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Top 5 Deadliest Fighter Planes

5.) Eurofighter Typhoon  Back in 1986, the Eurofighter cartel was created by Italy, the UK, Germany and eventually Spain created a new multi-role combat aircraft, advanced as a beyond visual range interceptor equipped with a secondary ground-attack capability. The Eurofighter Typhoon contains advanced missiles that are designed in Europe. It is also equipped with a rather modern and compatible avionics package. It is said that Typhoon is half as combat effective as the famous American F-22 Raptor. It is only an estimate, but apparently, it seems that Typhoon is actually superior to the F-15F, French Rafale, evolved Russian Su-27 variants and various other aircraft. The Eurofighter Typhoon will mark the essence of European air power until later on in the 21st century. 4.) Dassault Rafale  The Dassault Rafale is in service both with the French Air Force and the French Navy. The multi-role fighter contains some of the very newest avionics systems. Also, certain tasks were managed in order to lower the radar cross-section of this aircraft. The Rafale is very operable. The Rafale can keep track of 40 different spotted targets and fire at four of these targets at the same time. The aircraft can easily compete against the latest edition of the American F-16. The Dassault Rafale will mark the essence of French air power until later on in the 21st century. 3.) Mikoyan MiG-31 The MiG-31, otherwise known as NATO designation Foxhound-A was created to be a part of a general program to allow the Soviet air defenses to meet the dangerous threats of NATO low-level strike aircraft and cruise missiles. The Russian interceptor contains a high speed, altitude, and rate of climb, but it does give up mobility in order to earn these incredible features. The MiG-31 is amongst the quickest creation aircraft. It implements missiles to shoot-down enemy aircraft from far away. The newest edition is the MiG-31BM; which is advertised as a true multi-role Foxhound, with the ability to take on the long-range interception, precision strike, and defense suppression duties. 2.) Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet   These days the Super Hornet qualifies the most to be US Navy's multi-role fighter. It is able to take action against both targets of either in the air or on floor surfaces. Aside of this, The Super Hornet is also in service with Australia as their primary fighter aircraft. The F/A-18E/F is a bigger and more maneuverable version of the F/A-18C/D Hornet. The Super Hornet is equipped with the latest engines. It also contains extra hardpoints and can fit more missiles. This aircraft has grown range because of its bigger internal storage of fuel. The Super Hornet has also made avionics better. Some tasks were also managed to lower the radar cross-section of this aircraft, as well. 1.) McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle   The F-15 Eagle is a purpose-constructed air superiority fighter that is produced to pierce through enemy defense. Even though it is currently in service for well over 30 years, it is still a formidable and honorable warplane. The aircraft achieved over 100 air kills and is known as one of the most accomplished Cold War era fighters.   If you want to learn more about the McDonnell F-15 Eagle fighter jet, click on the video below!

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3 Reasons That Sex With A Cougar Will Blow Your Mind

There’s a reason why cougars are the most in-demand type of woman in the world right now. More so than ever, guys of all ages are discovering the ultimate satisfaction that being with an older woman can bring. In the past, guys both old and young focused their attention on younger girls because society has us believing that youth is the sexiest thing out there. Unfortunately, as most men have come to realize, youth is incredibly overrated – especially when it comes to sex. Want to know why sex with a cougar is a much more fulfilling experience? Well, here’s the short answer: Cougars have less future expectations  If you’ve ever tried to hook up with a twenty-something year old and then found yourself being harassed by her day and night to see her again, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Cougars are much more relaxed when it comes to hooking up and nothing else. If she wants a relationship, she’ll let you know beforehand. She won’t be texting you every hour for the next two weeks asking what’s going on between you two. A lot of younger women use sex as leverage to relationships and future prospects, whereas cougars will tell you straight up what they’re looking for. Because older women are much more independent, they don’t have time for the immature mind games which a lot of younger girls play. She will take charge Cougars don’t have time to mess around. They usually jobs, responsibilities and families to look after. If something isn’t working for her in the bedroom, she won’t hesitate to be vocal about it. Older women are much more assertive in the bedroom because they’ve accumulated years of experience. They know what works for them and what doesn’t. They’ve been exploring their sexuality for twenty plus years, so they’re pretty knowledgeable in the art of sexual satisfaction By the same token, they also know what works for you. Cougars are happy to let you lie back while show you what heaven really feels like. While younger girls are busy sexting nude photos and taking selfies, older women are putting their practical knowledge to good use! When you hook up with a cougars, you can be sure you’ll get through more positions than a hot yoga class. They understand the importance of sex Sex is an incredibly important part of life. When we’re younger, sex is seen as something you need to do because everyone else is doing it. We see it as huge hurdle which needs to be overcome. But older women don’t see sex in the same way. Because they’re more mature, they’ve already refined what’s important to them in life. Therefore, if she’s still searching for sex then it’s clearly an important factor to her. Our forties and fifties are usually considered the happiest times of our life because we’ve discovered what makes us happy, and in the case of most cougars out there, sex is always on the list. Therefore, when you hook up with a cougar, you know she’s genuinely doing it because she enjoys it. It isn’t something she’s just trying to tick off her list. Of course, there’s countless more reasons why cougars are the most attractive type of lady out there, but there’s only one way to truly find out: go and experience them for yourself! Want sex with a cougar tonight?  Check out justMILFs.com the #1 cougar dating app on the market today.

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